Sharon Do

Fermentation Scientist

Sharon graduated from the University of California San Diego with a BS in Biology in 2008. She was introduced to the world of microbiology when she joined White Labs to produces hundreds of strains of S. cerevisiae for brewers all over the world. After that, she had a brief stint in the acidified food industry and learned how to prevent C. botulinum from growing in shelf-stable foods. A real turning point was when she found herself in the world of biotechnology in the fermentation lab at Amyris. As an Associate Scientist, and eventually a Fermentation Manager, she enabled hundreds of different yeast strains to achieve their full potential in 2L bioreactors before being transferred to manufacturing scale. After 9 years, she joined Demetrix as a Fermentation Scientist, developing bench scale fermentation processes for large scale manufacturing. She joined MicroByre in 2023 and is excited to use her experience to scale up novel bacteria.

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