Ashley Arevalo Qasim


Ashley has a background in molecular biology, genetics, and microbiology. She attended the University of California Merced for her BS, her PhD, and a postdoctoral fellowship. She studied host-pathogen interactions within the fungus Candida albicans in the lab of Dr. Clarissa J. Nobile. Ashley’s graduate work focused on identifying the regulatory network controlling interactions with host mucins by leveraging next generation sequencing. Ashley also used the planarian flatworm Schmidtea mediterranean as a novel model for the study of fungal infections. Her postdoctoral work focused on troubleshooting and validating the use of CUT&RUN data analysis for defining protein-DNA interactions in C. albicans.

Ashley joined MicroByre as a Next Generation Sequencing scientist and is happy to be working with non-model bacteria to leverage them against climate change challenges. In her spare time she enjoys seeking out new restaurants with her husband and spending time with her family.

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