Who we are

Who we are


We envision a world where humanity fully cooperates with microbiological ecosystems, leveraging nature’s chemical solution capabilities to support climate friendly initiatives and accelerate bio-based solutions.

Imagine a future where your compost and wastewater and even the grass clippings from your backyard are too valuable to discard to rot into methane, because they can be used to ferment life saving medicines or the chemicals used to make your cell phone.

We see a future where industry and bacteria have a mutually beneficial, profitable, and earth-friendly relationship. We see a future where chemical manufacturing is more like farming than petrochemistry.


We domesticate naturally occurring bacteria and introduce them to industry. We enable our customers to efficiently produce bio-derived chemistries at or below current petrochemical economics — we enable truly cost-competitive biomanufacturing.

Our bacteria are sourced from environments where they evolved to produce the chemicals humanity needs to make the materials the world depends on. They are so close to industrial relevance, but they need a nudge to take the last steps. MicroByre identifies them, determines the breadth of their skillset, and deploys minimal genetic modification to bridge the gap.

Our domesticated bacteria allow us to offer solutions for customers to create new chemicals, exploit new metabolisms, and deploy less expensive feedstocks to make biotechnology less expensive.


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